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Building your own insurance book of business has never been easier.

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Build A Better Agency


How can I get appointed with insurance companies?
Once you request to find out more information you can then sign up with us and we will facilitate the appointment process to get you a sub appointment with some of the top-rated insurance companies.

How can I start an independent insurance agency?
We make it really easy and cost-effective to start up your own insurance agency or brokerage. contact us to learn more.

Do you offer back-end insurance office support?
Yes, as part of the program that you will sign up for you will be backed by a 400+ service call center that will help with sales support, service support, and more. This means you can focus on sales!

Do I need to be licensed?
No and yes… You can join the affiliate program and get paid for leads, or if you are licensed you can sell and earn commissions.

Use the above form to contact us today and learn more about this great opportunity to build your own insurance agency.